Today is a special guest Holiday Best Inspiration post written by Emily, a Director at Wife for Life University. Emily is a homemaking, homeschooling mother of 3 wonderful children. She enjoys reading, singing, blogging, allergy-friendly cooking, book club, crisp fall days, church, and chatting with friends—most especially her best friend and husband, Andy. Emily believes in life-long learning, self-improvement, and a close-knit family.

Our home was warmed by the glimmer of Christmas lights and the laughter of my children. I was preparing our dinner, awaiting the nightly arrival of my husband from work and singing along with one of my favorite Christmas albums: These are Special Times by Celine Dion. I’d written a fun Christmas piece that afternoon, which tickled me with delight, and I’d even finished compiling the “Best Imagination” idea list from the fall semester at Wife for Life University; I had marriage on my mind.

Although Celine’s CD has a lot of familiar Christmas songs on it, I love it for the few original songs she includes. Two of them are particularly meaningful if you’re a Wife for Life and looking to inspire your Best Imagination.

The first, “Christmas Eve”, is a playful tune about two lovers enjoying time together at Christmas.

“Walkin’ with you in a winter’s snow
Kissin’ underneath the mistletoe
People smiling everywhere we go
It’s Christmas eve and they can see we’re in love”

This song has a particular appeal for young or new lovers especially, as Celine sings about how the joys of Christmas highlight this special love, making it even more exciting and apparent to all who witness it. It’s such a fun, upbeat tune that will make you yearn to be at your man’s side to enjoy the delights of the season. It may even rekindle the excitement of your love even if it’s not so new anymore.

My favorite Wife for Life song on the album is “Another Year Has Gone By”. It’s a beautiful reflection from Celine on a relationship that has stood the test of time and is still going strong. I love her suggestion that Christmas is a perfect occasion to reflect on all we’ve been through with our beloved, and then celebrate that we’re still choosing to be together even after all the years have gone by.

“Another year has gone by and I’m still the one by your side after everything that’s gone by…”

The song has a very nostalgic feel and has particular appeal to more seasoned couples whose love has triumphed again and again through the ups and downs of Christmases past.

Whether your love is new or more seasoned or even just a dream in your heart, Christmas is really the perfect time to reflect on your relationships—particularly on the joys and beauties you’ve experienced together or hope to experience in Christmases to come.

Don’t forget to take some quiet time by the tree this Christmas to reflect on and even renew the love in your life. Hopefully, this “Christmas Eve” you’ll hold hands with your loved one and that flip flop feeling in your stomach will be a witness that you’re also grateful that you’re still his ONE after “Another Year Has Gone By.”

Merry Christmas!

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