Hi, I’m Ramona Zabriskie, mentor, teacher, leader, and friend to women who want more, much more, from their marriage.

These women include those who have given up hope, who are at the end of their rope, as well as women who have experienced divorce or who are remarried. I also help women that have never married to believe in and prepare for the day they will be. And of course, I love helping those in stable or happy relationships find even more fulfillment and joy in both their womanhood and in their marriage.

“Ramona is so generous of her time and talents. She truly cares about helping women succeed in marriage. Her concern for my marriage and me was authentic! Best of all, she is completely trustworthy and she is RIGHT. It works!”

The beauty of Wife for Life principles, and what makes them uniquely effective, is that we focus on the power that lies within each of us: what we can do as wives and women to affect our most important relationship. Embracing the advances and advantages of modern womanhood while appreciating what we can learn from historically successful wives, we practice a realistic, contemporary, powerful approach to our own happiness and to our marriage that does not necessarily require our husbands to read a book, go to a conference, or sit in a counselor’s office with us.

“In my previous 12 years of marriage. I had been continually waiting (and asking) for my husband to change and to make the effort to show that he loved me. It was so empowering for me to learn that I could create the happiness I wanted in my marriage and in my life.”

My team and I do everything we possibly can to support women in their quest for a truly successful marriage. In addition to my critically acclaimed, multi-award winning book, Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, we offer a free ebook and podcast as well as our affordable, educational membership: WifeSavers Education Membership.

“This program is one of the best things I have ever done in my life! It has TRANSFORMED me as an individual, as well as my marriage — in literally weeks — as I have implemented the information and put it to the test!”

As you can imagine, it is gratifying beyond belief for me to see women all over the world gain the skills, confidence, and long-range vision that Wife for Life offers. It has become much more than Ramona. In fact, Wife for Life is not about me. It’s about you and thousands of women like you who want, deserve, and are getting more from their marriage than they ever thought possible.

My Background and Credentials

When anyone asks me about my credentials (and honestly, they don’t very often!), I have to smile. My mind instantly goes back 38 years to my own wedding day, my near divorce two years later, and all the years after when I poured my heart and soul into learning everything I could about how to make my own marriage a success; and I mean, a real success; a legacy of love that would influence my posterity for generations.

Ramona Zabriskie and Her Husband in 1977

As years of practical study and application progressed, I not only learned from other wives, I found myself helping them. Even as I read and studied tens of thousands of words, I churned out tens of thousands of my own on blogs, personal writings, and live presentations. I tested dozens of theories on myself, while listening to decades of emotional spill from others. And thus, gradually, in maturity, I found I had become an advocate of women, regarded as a mother-mentor by sisters from the United States, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Africa!


Even so, it took me two more years of intense research to piece together a comprehensive, truly helpful book for women called Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage. I am blessed and amazed by all the awards it has won, all the editorial critical acclaim, and all the 5-star reader praise. Because of the book, and because of the success of my educational arm, Wife for Life University, I am a featured expert on many national and international sites including Huffington Post, Sharecare.com, Wellness.com, Dr. Laura, eHarmony, GalTime, Intent.com, etc. and marriage professionals incredibly come to me, asking to partner or learn from me, often attending my classes or events. I treasure a number of testimonials along that line.

There is one other influence on me and on Wife for Life that might be overlooked if a stranger at a business dinner hadn’t asked me a really great question. “Who,” he asked, “did you find was the most helpful in writing your book, the successful wives or the experts?”

I thought for a minute and answered: “The successful wives are the experts.”

And so I freely acknowledge one and all, experts or no, who have accompanied me down the Wife for Life path, and who walk with me there now. In the process, these women have blessed my marriage, the marriages of my posterity, and God willing, the marriages of ten thousand others.

My Personal Life

Prior to Wife for Life, I spent thirty years writing and directing for the performing arts and chairing a number of service organizations and events focused on women, children, and disability advocacy. I am the mother of four, and wife-for-life to my husband, Dale, an international keynoter and corporate evangelist. My husband, children, in-law children, and four grandchildren are the most exuberant, intelligent, charitable people on the planet, and they all contribute their varied and professional talents to Wife for Life.

Ramona and Her Family

Though we raised our family in Orlando, Florida and have lived in London, England for a time, I am actually a sixth generation Pacific-Northwestener. We now live in our southwest Washington dream home, dubbed “Blue House in the Woods”, where I do all my work, of course, but where we also love to be out in our forest, play with our grandchildren, cook big family dinners, conduct choir rehearsals, and watch our favorite old movies.

“Wife for Life is based on the real life events and experiences of my best friend. I watched this whole story unfold from the first day, so you can imagine that I would be very anxious to read the book. I was struck by Ramona’s honesty. As close as we are, she keeps certain things sacred and off-limits. That she was willing to share so many of those in this book, really took my breath away. I have watched this marriage, her own marriage, that she draws upon for each principle she teaches, from the day we all met. Honestly, it had every reason to fail, but, instead, I’ve witnessed it as a truly great love story that beat all the odds. And what Ramona has done in this book, is revealed the formula – she came by it organically, through trial and error, but, recognizing how it came to be, she crafted – with amazing skill, a system that can be utilized by others. I also watched her in the process of deciding this work was her life mission and how to make the greatest impact with it. What a journey she has gone through to get to this point. And I know this is just the beginning. I am so proud of her! I visualize the marriages that will turn around and grow – the joy and peace that will come to the women, their men and children who will benefit from this message . . . maybe it’s you – I hope it is.” – Debra Woods, Founder and President LDV