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Decades from now as you look back and consider your own happiness, your spouse’s, and even your children’s and grandchildren’s, you will count finding Ramona and Wife for Life as one of the most important discoveries you ever made.

– Mark Chamberlain, PhD, Psychologist and Author

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Winner of 5 book awards, including the Kirkus Indire Reader, Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, Ramona Zabriskie, reveals that the main motivation for a truly successful marriage comes from a woman’s need to cherish and to be cherished. We desire real and lasting intimacy with our husbands, craving a partnership that will fulfill our husband’s quest as well as our personal dreams. There is one obstacle, however, that stands in the way of achieving that kind of relationship: ourselves. As we identify the fears and behaviors that inadvertently sabotage those dreams, and as we come to comprehend what actually inspires our husband, we discover that we have more power today than ever before to create not just a good marriage, or even a great marriage, but a grand marriage: the kind of powerful romantic partnership that influences the world for generations.