This delightful post comes from my delightful daughter, Hannah, and it’s all about, guess what, DELIGHTS. 🙂 Hannah is a beautiful wife and woman and new mother. She’s is our Director of Instructional Materials and Distribution at Wife for Life University, a cracker-jack teacher, and basically my right hand in all things Wife for Life. By education and profession, she is a hard-working, enthusiastic professional genealogist/family historian. Family is at the center of everything she does, including her work as a professional genealogist. Her other pursuits include homemaking, reading, crafting, making her little baby son laugh, and playing board games with her husband, Kenneth.

“Delighting your own heart relieves everyone in the family from the impossible responsibility of making or keeping you happy from day to day. It frees your heart to spend less energy on stress and self-pity, and far more energy on those you love.” Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, “The Pioneer Woman Challenge”, Chapter 15

Okay ladies!

My mother, Ramona, and I had just taught the morning class of Wife for Life University last Wednesday, when we decided to take our own advice and “delight” our hearts. We determined to go to our favorite site, our Delight Mecca, our place to restore all happiness – Goodwill!! 

Is anyone else as crazy as we are about Goodwill? (The good kind of crazy.)

Well, we hit the jackpot! Mom and I found this gorgeous, simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, solid wood chair for only $20!

“Only $20?” you say?

Yes! Despite it’s incredible price, we went around and around, back and forth. Should we get it? Where would we put it? There’s no place to really put it. Do we have $20 to spend? But, it’s just so amazing! 

Even though we LOVED it (and you only get things you LOVE), we headed home to think about it. (Before we left, we covered it in ugly pillows and broken picture frames.)

Once we got home, we told our men about this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G chair. Should we get it? Where would we put it? There’s no place to really put it. But, it’s just SO amazing! 

Seeing our angst, they asked, “How much is it?”

“Only $20….”

“Shesh! Go for it!” they said. (Obviously, these men have learned that a little Goodwill find goes along way to making us happy.)

With or without the banker-of-the-house’s permission — being the conservative people that we are — Mom and I dug into the loose change jar until we had the whole $20 in hand. (You know it always makes you feel better when a random purchase doesn’t show up on your credit card statement. Don’t tell me you’ve never done this!)

So we jumped in the little pick-up and sped back to Goodwill.

“Hannah, run to the furniture and make sure it’s still there!” Mom said as we burst into the store.

I cut my way through a crowd of vulture-shoppers and dusty Christmas decor, until behold! there was the chair, still for sale, in all it’s glory — though covered with ugly pillows as though someone was trying to hide this beauty. Shesh! Who would do that?

“Hannah! Is it still there??” Mom called across the clothing racks.

“YES!” I nodded with a thumbs up.

But wait! Did my eyes deceive me? Could this really be happening?

“Mom!!” I yelled.

“What?” she yelled back.

“It’s now TEN DOLLARS!!!”


“They marked it down to $10 in the 15 minutes we’ve been gone!!!!”

From opposite corners of the store, we, both of us, almost fainted from an oversupply of Delight. I picked up the chair (could not wait for an employee to come round) and we belly laughed all the way out the door, $10.05 still in our pockets. (Oh yeah! It was also Senior Discount Day! Go Mom!)

And that my friends is what Gratitude means to me: taking Delight in the very simple, very ordinary, very inexpensive things in life.

Now all we have to do is figure out where to put it.

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Hannah Allan

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