My daughter-in-law, BriAnne, is always inspired by the special feel of autumn. I’d not thought of it as particularly dreamy, actually, until she shared her perspective in this post. I can’t wait now to entice Honey to indulge in a little fall romance with me!  ~  Ramona


By BriAnne Zabriskie

The crunch of leaves

a chilly breeze

the smell of o’erripe berries

The harvest moon

a creepy tune

that raises your arm hair-ies…

Ok, so I am no poet… but I LOVE autumn poetry and I LOVE fall!

John Keats’ To Autumn may be my very favorite poem of all time. If you haven’t read it, follow the link, print it out, and go take a second to ensconce yourself in the imagery while you read it under your favorite fall tree.

I found a new (to me) and delightful fall poem last year around this time that thrilled me to the bone. I want to share it with you today, interspersed between stanzas with elaborations/explanations if you want them.

An Autumn Evening 

by: Lucy Maud Montgome

Dark hills against a hollow crocus sky

Scarfed with its crimson pennons, and below

The dome of sunset long, hushed valleys lie

Cradling the twilight, where the lone winds blow

And wake among the harps of leafless trees

Fantastic runes and mournful melodies.

So the purple sky is wrapped up in a red scarf of sunset, just like me in the fall, and that scarf looks like those cool flags on a castle, so it conjures up the feeling of something royal and majestic… imagery that is continued with a wide dome of sunset. But below that, it’s quiet in the valleys that are cradling the twilight like a mother cradles a baby in her arms. And the lullaby that baby (valley) hears, is the mournful and yet fantastic song of the breezes among the bare trees. So amazing. I’ve got the chills. And it goes on!

The chilly purple air is threaded through

With silver from the rising moon afar,

And from a gulf of clear, unfathomed blue

In the southwest glimmers a great gold star

Above the darkening druid glens of fir

Where beckoning boughs and elfin voices stir.

The air looks purple in the twilight with little bits of silver coming off the moon in the distance and if you look off in one direction you’ll see an incredible blue sky with a huge golden star just rising above a back-lit forest of evergreen trees that look like they’re right out of Lord of the Rings.

And so I wander through the shadows still,

And look and listen with a rapt delight,

Pausing again and yet again at will

To drink the elusive beauty of the night,

Until my soul is filled, as some deep cup

That with divine enchantment is brimmed up.

So we’ll just walk with the author through deepening shadows, looking around in quiet excitement until we feel like we’re going to burst with the beauty of it all – which by the way is so symbolically autumn! It is the season of the harvest and of bounty after all!

Can you feel that?! Can’t you just picture it?! Are you surrounded by a shadowy, enchanting, strange and wonderful fall evening?!

Gals, romance is in the AIR this time of year, and we can’t let this chance slip past us to snuggle up close to our guy in that perfect sweater/ scarf combo and drink in the sights, smells, sighs, and sounds of autumn – not to mention the TASTES! So plan something wonderful that you love to do in autumn and help him delight in the season. He may not express it in words, but he will be delighted in your joy of the season, so let it show!

If you’re feeling at a loss, here’s some wonderful date night ideas for you and your guy:

  • Find a local arboretum or walking trail and just link arms and walk and talk
  • Drive through a canyon and look at the changing leaves – take selfies (twosies?), if you’re a photo person!
  • Get high up or go to a planetarium and take a look at the stars this time of year!
  • Hay rides!
  • Corn mazes!

Can’t get a sitter? Here’s some fantastic dates my husband and I have enjoyed at home, during the fall, after we put our kids down for the night:

  • Carve yourself some gourds
  • Snuggle up on the couch with hot cocoa or apple cider and read a favorite book together (fall poetry anyone?)
  • Watch a suspenseful movie (my husband and I love watching old Hitchcock movies together. Cuddle close during the scary parts!)
  • Light up the fireplace and curl up next to it while having a dreamfest or memoryfest
  • Make him a special fall dinner or dessert (roasted squash, pumpkin cookies, apple cobbler, etc) and set it up by candle light

Please do something to delight your heart and his on date night this month. You won’t be sorry!

Have your own special fall date night idea? We’d LOVE to hear about it! Please share with us in the comments below.