Something I didn’t know about myself until after I got married was how much joy I feel in making others happy. What I also didn’t realize was just how demanding life would be once my life became about “us” instead of “me”.

With educational and career pursuits, I was always the main focus. Now with a spouse and children, my time and energy is taxed much more heavily than it was as a single person. The necessity of self-care has become more evident to me: if one doesn’t take time to be well, one will most assuredly take time later on to be ill.

And guess who suffers for it? Not just me, but my husband and potentially the rest of my family feels the affects. In the past, I have found myself grumpy, needy, and weak simply because I was not doing what Wife For Life teaches: to “Dazzle” and “Delight” my own heart.

“Dazzles” and “Delights” are intentionally taking time to “fill the cup,” “sharpen the ax,” or “loosen the bow strings.” “Dazzles” can be anything from taking a local class in the community, developing a new hobby, or spending a little money on a passion of ours. The “delights” are even simpler, requiring less time and even fewer (if any) funds: things such as cooking a new treat, taking a bubble bath, organizing a book shelf, jamming to your favorite song, or painting your nails.

Rejuvenation leaves us wanting less and feeling more balanced. While we may struggle with feelings of selfishness for taking time to “delight” and “dazzle” ourselves, if we’re not proactive, we may consciously or subconsciously require our spouse and/or children to make up for the deficit.

When we care for ourselves, we have more love to give and feel more confidence in receiving it from others. Of course, our spouse and children can also contribute to our self-care, but they simply cannot be the sole source of our happiness and well-being.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I’m feeling thankful for the reminder to “Dazzle” and “Delight” my own heart!

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