Today is another special guest Holiday Best Inspiration post by Deborah, a Senior TA at Wife for Life University. Deb lives in New England where she enjoys spending time with family and friends, writing, reading, learning, appreciating nature, and trying to be domestic. She’s been married for 13 years and has 3 wonderful children who make sure she lives life with sweetness, humor, chaos, and joy.

It may be that I’m still a kid at heart but I’ve always loved Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The book and cartoon were among my absolute favorites almost every Christmas I can remember. Growing up I used to tease my dad that he was my Grinch. He proudly agreed.

When the new version of the classic cartoon came out I had my doubts – hardly ever have I seen a remake that did the original justice. Even though I still adore the classic, I had to admit that the story of the new movie was enchanting.

For anyone not familiar with the classic – the basic story is of a Grinch who hates everything about Christmas and decides to do everything within his power to keep Christmas for coming for the Whos of Who-ville who love to go all out with Christmas celebrations each year. In the end his heart is changed by the joy and love that continue even without all of the extraneous trappings.

In the movie the Grinch’s story goes deeper. At the heart of the movie is still the Grinch- hardened and isolated by past tauntings, misunderstandings, and cruelty. We also learn the story of Cindy Lou Who – a young girl from the village who is trying to find the true meaning of Christmas amidst all the Christmas time rush of commercialism.

In the movie Cindy Lou has a surprise encounter with the Grinch that leaves her wondering if there’s more to him than the legends of fear spread by the town. She begins to dig into his past, realizes that she was right, and faces her fears to befriend the Grinch. In the end Cindy Lou’s persistent faith in the Grinch’s goodness helps to heal his heart, reunite the Grinch with the love of his life, bring back the true Spirit of Christmas to Who-ville, strengthen her family, and answer her own questions and fears.

As we entered into the holiday season this year I couldn’t help but think that dear little Cindy Lou is most definitely a Wife for Life in training and that as women and wives we can learn a lot from her. Do we continually look for the best in the men in our lives? Do we trust in our own hearts or the rumors of fear that surround us? Do we realize that loving our Nice Guys even in the moments when they seem unloveable can change the world or at the very least our small part of it?

Christmas isn’t about ribbons, tags, packages, boxes, or bags. Christmas is a time to celebrate love and see the very best in people, especially those closest to us; and then…. maybe perhaps enjoy a slice of roast beast. 🙂

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