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Meet Ramona

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Ramona Zabriskie is the beloved mentor who is changing women’s lives all over the world by sharing her wisdom, encouragement, and real experience. She is the author of Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, which has received wide-spread critical acclaim from readers, marriage professionals, and industry competitions, including Kirkus Indie Reader Discovery Awards, Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards, USA Best Book Awards, and The National Indie Excellence Book Awards. A popular speaker and teacher, Ramona presents to women’s organizations and businesses across the United States and internationally, inspiring audiences to craft powerful partnerships with men. Thousands of her students have significantly improved their relationships with male work associates and family members. Wives especially are benefiting from Ramona’s Wife for Life University as they gain confidence in their natural talent as women to create the Wife for Life ideal: a grand marriage.

“A million thank yous to you, Ramona Zabriskie, for your quest to selflessly help marriages everywhere by giving wives the tools and power they need to be what they always wanted to be: a Wife for Life!”

~ Lacy Anderson, Wife for Life Dream Maker

Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage

A Woman’s Inspiration Guide to a Grand, Lifelong Marriage

Cover of Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage by Ramona Zabriskie

Award-winning author, Ramona Zabriskie, reveals that the main motivation for a truly successful marriage comes from a woman’s need to cherish and to be cherished. We desire real and lasting intimacy with our husbands, craving a partnership that will fulfill our husband's quest as well as our personal dreams. There is one obstacle, however, that stands in the way of achieving that kind of relationship: ourselves. As we identify the fears and behaviors that inadvertently sabotage those dreams, and as we come to comprehend what actually inspires our husband, we discover that we have more power today than ever before to create not just a good marriage, or even a great marriage, but a grand marriage: the kind of powerful romantic partnership that influences the world for generations.

What Women Have to Say

“With stories and examples, an extensive amount of marriage research, and her own enthusiasm for empowering women, Ramona focuses on the positive opportunities of being a modern day woman. She raises the bar for marriage higher than any other marriage book on the market, and gives you the education and the hope to achieve this kind of marriage yourself. I'm a Marriage, Family, Human Development graduate and I've read several marriage books. This is BY FAR the best. I feel Ramona's love and hope shine through to me personally. It's beautiful, just beautifully done.”

Alisa Evans
Alisa Evans Marriage and Family Professional

“I absolutely loved this book. As a marriage and family therapist, I can say that this is the best and most helpful book on marriage that I have ever read. It gives a solid explanation of typical dynamics in marriage and gives specific suggestions on how to improve a marriage relationship. The author gives personal examples of the principles she teaches in the book, which makes the book enjoyable and easy to read. Very few, if any, marriage books lift and inspire like this book does.”

Sherri Hancock
Sherri Allen Marriage and Family Professional

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Wife for Life University

Inspiring wives and changing lives with knowledge, encouragement, and vision

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Have you ever seen or dreamed of a legacy-type marriage; a love and partnership so strong and true that it blesses not only husband and wife, but everyone who comes in contact with it; a romance that is remembered for generations? Did you know that, as a woman, you have the power to cultivate this kind of “grand” marriage from wherever you’re at in your relationship right now? Many women have done it before you, and women all over the world are doing it now by employing the transformative principles and skills lovingly taught by Ramona Zabriskie in this comprehensive, step-by-step course.

What Women Have to Say

“All I can say is WOW. I'm SO grateful for this class. I can't express enough how much it fills me with hope to listen to the experiences, insights, and wisdom shared. It gives me so much strength to have my own little band of Dreamers behind me, especially when life gets discouraging. Thank you, Ramona, and thank you everyone else in our class!”

“So many other relationship books and articles that I’ve read leave me feeling overwhelmed and anxious because there’s so much to think about and do. But Wife for Life University breaks it down to the fundamentals – it’s not so much about changing who I am, but digging down to the qualities that I already have but don’t know how best to use them. Ramona is amazing!”

“I took the W4LU course last year and it has saved my marriage. I have grown so much and my marriage relationship has grown too. My husband told me today that he is in awe at how devoted I am to all that I do and then he thanked me for being willing to work on our marriage relationship instead of saying, “forget it”. This conversation never would have happened a year ago. Wife for Life University is SO worth the effort!”

“I am grateful for the way the class is challenging me to grow in my relationship with my spouse and forcing me to push beyond my own emotional comfort zone! I also appreciate the myriad of shared experiences by classmates that are so beneficial!! Thank you, Ramona, for mentoring for all of us!”

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