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Successful Marriage is an Art and a Talent Worth Pursuing

For decades now, people have admired the rapport between my husband and I. Whether we’re presenting on stage together, or chatting with friends in our living room, the chemistry is obvious and apparently enviable. A curiosity. Where, I’ve been asked, does it come...

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Your Marriage is Unfair (but who’s keeping score?)

There were still a lot of empty rows on the plane, but I'd flown sold-out Southwest flights often enough to know that it's better to grab the aisle seat in a row 2/3 full -- when you can be sure of who you are going to sit next to -- than to take the first seat in an...

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Decades from now as you look back and consider your own happiness, your spouse’s, and even your children’s and grandchildren’s, you will count finding Ramona and Wife for Life as one of the most important discoveries you ever made.

Mark Chamberlain, PhD

Psychologist and Author

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In Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, award-winning author, Ramona Zabriskie, reveals that the main motivation for a truly successful marriage comes from a woman’s need to cherish and to be cherished. We desire real and lasting intimacy with our husbands, craving a partnership that will fulfill our husband’s quest as well as our personal dreams. There is one obstacle, however, that stands in the way of achieving that kind of relationship: ourselves. As we identify the fears and behaviors that inadvertently sabotage those dreams, and as we come to comprehend what actually inspires our husband, we discover that we have more power today than ever before to create not just a good marriage, or even a great marriage, but a grand marriage: the kind of powerful romantic partnership that influences the world for generations.

Kirkus Indie Reader Discovery Awards • Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards • Indie Excellence Book Awards • USA Best Book Awards

As a marriage and family therapist, I can say that this is the best and most helpful book on marriage that I have ever read. Very few, if any, marriage books lift and inspire like this book does. I would highly recommend it to any married woman or any woman considering marriage. I absolutely loved it. This book will change lives.

Sherry Allen

Marriage and Family Therapist

Ramona Zabriskie's Wife for Life University

Guided Learning. Personal Mentoring.

Wife for Life University is the one-of-a-kind virtual school for wives: a personalized marriage education that includes exclusive curriculum, one-on-one tutoring, and a close-knit classroom experience. 

How I wish that Wife for Life had been there for me when I was married the first time–before I helped to undo that relationship, thereby sealing upon my life and those of my children such misery. I looked for it back then, but the books I read fell short–the vision of marriage, too shallow, the strategies too ineffective in the long-run. Ramona Zabriskie’s vision of The Grand Marriage, her strategies for achieving a forever partnership, and her understanding of who men and women truly are make Wife for Life, the book, and Wife for Life University two things that you simply must not miss.

Elizabeth Matteson

Wife for Life University Graduate

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