The book that is revolutionizing women and marriages everywhere

“If not for Wife for Life I would now be divorced. I won my husband back when we were only 4 days away from going to court. This book saved my marriage!”
~ married 33 years

“I am EXCITED about the much clearer vision I’ve been given. I feel as though I have some choice in the matter of attraction which is, WOW! A relief!”
~ single, never married

“Totally doable and natural and so romantic. You’ve given me the confidence to take on this quest and the tools to do so. THANK YOU!”
~ engaged

“This is definitely a book I needed to read! I do not intend to repeat the same mistakes I made with marriage #1, I wish I’d known then what I learned just now.”
~ divorced and single

“I just cried and cried, I KNEW this, but I didn’t get it. Now I get it. I GET IT!  My whole perspective is changing. My marriage is changing. Thank you!”
~ married 6 years

“I found that not only did I learn a few new things from this book, but that it can improve an already great marriage. Easy reading, entertaining, and TRUE!!!”
~ married 44 years

About Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage

In a marketplace full of relationship books that range from clinical to sensational, Ramona Zabriskie’s Wife for Life, The Power to Succeed in Marriage stands out for its sympathetic, elegant wisdom. Written in a warm, feminine tone, this book masterfully interlaces authoritative voices with personal stories from the author’s 37 year marriage and her motivational speaking and mentoring career. Nearly divorced two years after her own wedding, the author has become an advocate and exemplar of marital success for women who want to believe. Her compassion and know-how, uniquely presented in three parts: “Why You Both Want a Grand, Lifelong Marriage”, “How to Avoid Becoming a Dream Breaker”, and “What to Do to Make Dreams Come True”, is proving transformative. Inspired by new perspective, women from every stage of life and marital status are gaining the skills, confidence, and long-range vision needed to affect their own happiness as well as the ultimate outcome of their marriage. Wife for Life has helped women turn troubled marriages around, transform good marriages into great ones, and grow great marriages into “grand empires of love” that can last forever.

Kirkus Indie Reader Discovery Awards • Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards • Indie Excellence Book Awards • USA Best Book Awards

Ramona Zabriskie, Author of Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage
Ramona Zabriskie, Author of Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage

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Praise for Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage

“Who knew that a book about marriage would be part mystery, part adventure tale, part how-to manual, part pep talk, and part memoir of a wise and deeply satisfied wife? And yet, how fitting! In an era when science and technology have given us so many advancements and solutions, a happy marriage still seems to remain out of reach for too many. We need guidance from the wisest among us.

Ramona Zabriskie keeps no marriage mystery shrouded. In Wife for Life she reveals the cheat codes, shares the treasure map, and broadcasts every detail of the recipe for the secret sauce. She’s your tour guide through your own marriage, but you’ve never seen it like this before. Truths about your own heart that you couldn’t quite articulate keep tumbling out in her prose. And her deep empathy for your spouse will melt your heart and send you running to change your ways.

Most refreshing and encouraging of all, perhaps, are Ramona’s frank and funny admissions of her own marital mishaps. Upon hearing about her struggles, her friend once exclaimed, “I never knew how much failure went into a successful marriage!” Seeing where she’s been and what she’s built–nothing less than a grand marriage–helps banish our doubts that we can, too!

In the short time I’ve known about Ramona and her work, I’ve recommended Wife for Life to more people than any other book in my 20-year career as a psychologist.

Whether you’re a wife or husband, if you… sometimes wonder why you ever got married… limp along in a serviceable, lackluster relationship… are madly in love and wonder if things could get even better… spend a few hours under Ramona’s kind tutelage and you’ll come back and breathe new life into your marriage.

Decades from now as you look back and consider your own happiness, your spouse’s, and even your children’s and grandchildren’s, you’ll count Wife for Life as one of the most important books you’ve ever read.”

Mark Chamberlain PhD

psychologist and co-author Love You, Hate the Porn

“Wife for Life is, hands down, the best self-help book I have ever read. It doesn’t preach; it doesn’t get prosy or bogged down in information that is difficult to relate to. In fact, I would say this author has a future in writing fiction. Not that Wife for Life is fiction–it is anything BUT. It is filled with personal experiences of both the author’s and all sorts of people with whom she has come in contact and mentored. She has seen marriage from many different angles and really has an accurate handle on what works and what doesn’t. Mostly, she is passionate about helping everyone to succeed in marriage–you can feel it in every word she writes.”
Heidi Ashworth

Regency author

“If you only read one marriage book, read Wife for Life! It is brimming with authentic and deeply personal stories, biographical sketches of “grand marriages” and practical advice any wife can immediately put into practice. Ramona’s descriptions of the “crazy ladies” and her list of men’s worst fears help women avoid hurtful, “marriage-limiting” behavior. At the same time, she encourages women to take good care of themselves so they have more to give to their marriage. I finally bought a Kindle version because I kept giving my print copies away! Brilliant!”
Kristen A. Jenson

best-selling author Good Pictures Bad Pictures and founder Protect Young Minds

“Wife for Life is the best marriage book I have ever read–and I’ve read a lot of them!…This book is a collection of Ramona’s horrifying mistakes (her poor husband!), inspiring lessons learned (her lucky husband!), and is chock full of examples that anyone who’s been in a relationship can relate to. It is by turns entertaining, cringe-inducing, and full of lessons that go straight to your heart.”
Jennifer Brimhall

The Power of Moms

“I absolutely loved this book. As a marriage and family therapist, I can say that this is the best and most helpful book on marriage that I have ever read. It gives a solid explanation of typical dynamics in marriage and gives specific suggestions on how to improve a marriage relationship. The author gives personal examples of the principles she teaches in the book, which makes the book enjoyable and easy to read. Very few, if any, marriage books lift and inspire like this book does.”
Sherry Allen

marriage and family professional

“Zabriskie gives us the joyful message that a great marriage is within our own making and shows us that the power we have as women over this sacred relationship is awesome and awe-inspiring. That’s a message that I couldn’t agree with more. By looking within and loving without, we bring joy to our own lives and to that of our ‘intimate’. This book is an empowering handbook for women who yearn for a fulfilling and intimate partnership.”
Emma J. Bell

author, The True You

“What makes Wife for Life so successful and so memorable is that Zabriskie does not sugarcoat anything and speaks to women about EVERYTHING. Along with speaking directly to her readers, Zabriskie has a wonderful way of telling stories. Her voice is pleasant and witty and passionate, making Wife for Life a very fun and easy book to read… The many stories and pieces of advice Zabriskie share are not, in the slightest, overwhelming, but quite enriching. Wife for Life is a book that must be marked in and one that must be read from cover to cover; no skipping and no skimming should be allowed in order for a reader to take away the best possible experience…With an overabundance of information, stories, and pieces of advice that will stick in the minds of any reader, Wife for Life is truly a transforming book.”
Alisha Smock

Chicago Books Examiner

“With stories and examples, an extensive amount of marriage research, and her own enthusiasm for empowering women, Ramona focuses on the positive opportunities of being a modern day woman. She raises the bar for marriage higher than any other marriage expert on the market, and gives you the education and the hope to achieve this kind of marriage yourself. I’m a Marriage, Family, Human Development graduate and professional. I’ve read several marriage books. And Ramona’s book is BY FAR the best. I feel her love and hope shine through to me personally. It’s beautiful, just beautifully done.”
Alyssa Evans

marriage and family professional