Cami, when you became a wife, did you feel handicapped at all?

Yes. I came into my marriage 12 years ago knowing only what I saw from previous examples, which I know they only saw from their previous examples.

That’s true of most of us, isn’t it? How do you think limited, and sometimes poor examples impact our approach or tenacity in marriage?

I think everyone is just searching for true love, real love, genuine heart to heart connections, but society tempts us to give up and throw it all away if things don’t work immediately.

 So true. But you’ve overcome that message and example, that assumption. 

It’s true, I have. And I must say it is VERY powerful to find something deep within yourself and to stand up and be the one who steps out bravely, courageously, to shift generational patterns — habits, perspectives, and traditions that aren’t serving us — for the sake of your children and grandchildren; to become someone you could only dream of and to have the marriage you could only dream of: to transform and shift your marriage at the deepest level, and to transform yourself to the very fiber of your being!

Wow. How did that shift happen for you?

Wife for Life University. It TRANSFORMED me as an individual, as well as my marriage — and in literally weeks — as I implemented the information and put it to the test! The program is one of the best things I have ever done in my life! I have had so many ah-ha moments during this course, and my spirit shifts to a higher level every time.

Cami! That is so fantastic. Is there any aspect in particular that you would recommend to others?

Ramona, the way you present the information is SO enlightening. And you held my hand through the process. You take your students from wherever they are on their journey of marriage and lead them to healing, inspiration, and loving information. 

Thank you! I try, but Cami, you get the credit! It takes so much courage and wherewithal to change yourself and your marriage – especially in the face of those generational patterns you mentioned.

Absolutely. Don’t get me wrong — you must do the work! No life-changing journey comes without work, but I believe it is worth every penny and every effort made! You may feel overwhelmed and hopeless now, like you have hit a dead end. But if you dig deep and are open to new information, the answers are not far away; and what may seem like a sacrifice to you now, you will find is not a sacrifice at all. It all comes back to you ten-fold! 

How has it “come back to you ten-fold”?

I can now have a deeply connected forever friendship with the love of my life; the most valuable of sought-after treasures. I know we can and will make it through whatever life throws at us.

I know it too. So beautiful. Thank you, dear Cami.

Thank you, Ramona. Wife for Life University has been an answer to my prayers, and I would be willing to pay over and over and over again for this course! I love you so much and I will never know how to give you enough thanks for going through the pain and struggle of your own marriage. Thank your sweetheart Dale, and all the members of the Wife for Life Team — such caring, genuine, knowledgeable women — for bringing help and healing to marriages, families, and ultimately the world!


So Cami is a very enthusiastic student isn’t she? I remember her early emails to me, in the beginning weeks of class, talking about how she felt all the chemistry in her brain was getting rewired!  I so admire her determination to learn and apply whatever she had to in order to break the pattern of divorce in her family.

As Cami learned the “why” for her marriage, the real reasons, and came to understand the blessing her marriage could and should be to her, her husband, her children, and to society now and in the future — a whole new world opened up to her that has brought her much personal growth and happiness. 

You can have that same kind of experience and outcome.

Wife for Life University helps women from every stage of life and marital experience gain the powerful skills, confidence, and long-range vision needed to affect their own happiness as well as the ultimate outcome of their marriage.

Wife for Life University Full Experience is open for Fall Semester through September 9th. Is it right for you?

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Ramona Zabriskie
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