Announcing my new weekly
WifeSavers Podcast!

My hysterically wise husband, Dale,
helps me answer your real-wife quandaries starting with…

“Helping Your Husband Bond With the Kids”
dad and kids.jpg

Today’s WifeSavers Question: “What are some strategies for helping my husband build a relationship with our kids? He loves them and understands the importance of relationship with them but doesn’t really know how to go about it.”

Key Topics:

– Strategies for husbands to build relationships with their kids
– Facilitating one on one time with kids
– Differences in parenting styles
– Maternal vs paternal approaches to parenting
– Facilitating family activities
– Establishing a foundational relationship between husband and wife
– Respecting dad’s need for down time

Listen HERE and let me know what you think!
And send me your question for a future WifeSavers Podcast!

Stay tuned…More BIG announcements coming next week!

P.S. The WifeSavers Podcast is available on several podcast platforms….more on the way including iTunes.

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