I hope you enjoy this delightful Wife for Life take on an old classic written by Wife for Life University Director of Admissions and Administration, Emily. Emily is a homemaking, homeschooling mother of 3 wonderful children. She enjoys reading, singing, blogging, allergy-friendly cooking, book club, crisp fall days, church, and chatting with friends—most especially her best friend and husband, Andy. Emily believes in life-long learning, self-improvement, and a close-knit family.

‘Twas a Wife for Life Christmas, when all through the house there was ample appreciation—yes, for even the mouse…

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care by the helpful husband whose wife asked “will you please hang them for me, dear?”

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of their “date night” baby-sitter danced in their heads.

My husband was happy and I, too, felt just that, as we yawned at the close of our informational chat. I lay next to my Castle– my nice, burly guy–who filled me with awe and brought tears to my eyes.

My heart filled with joy as I pondered the day. Our date night and flowers–the loveliest bouquet– were exactly what I’d needed for my Christmas cheer, and I was delighted I’d worked hard to be a “Pioneer Woman” this year.

In bed I lay, dreaming of a marriage so GRAND, when a “ding” rang out from the phone in my hand. Then what to my half-asleep eyes did appear, the latest “Wife Support” video from Ramona was here! Right there in my email, it just took one click, and I knew in a moment I’d learn a new Wife for Life trick.

“Hi, Ramona! Hello, Sarah! Hi, Lacy and Bri!” Ramona and her Dream Team were there before me!

I listened and learned about men and their ways, and thought once again, “I could listen for days!” I need to share this with all of my friends, so I pushed the “like” button again and again.

The video was over and my heart overflowing. My husband, snoring peacefully next to me, appeared to be glowing. My efforts for him had come back tenfold and I felt honored that, together, we’d happily grow old.

Though Ramona and her team left me greatly inspired, my head hit the pillow and I knew I was tired. I reflected quietly, “A Wife for Life is not to be disparaged!”

My Facebook page read:

“A Wife for Life Christmas to all, and to all a GRAND marriage!”

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